Emergency Response and Relief

Jhai Foundation has been responding to the victims of disaster and emergency situation. It started its emergency response and relief operation in 2014. First relief and response operation was successfully completed in Khagrabari under Baksa district of BTAD. Khagrabari, a tiny village near the Manas National Park was massacred by a group of terrorists. We provided gratuitous relief and psychosocial support to the victims and survivors of the massacre.

We have seen many disaster and humanitarian crisis from close proximity. We know what hunger truly means and how brutal the lack of care and support is! Jhai Foundation is fighting these vices through multipronged and sustained efforts. Exploring the energy among youths and channelizing them through volunteerism proved to be one of the keys to the success of our efforts. We are heavily influenced by Harsh Mander and his work and we try to imbibe the idea of truth, justice, humanism and peace among the volunteers. Hence, Jhai Foundation has been able to bring about a paradigm shift in disaster response. Rather than merely distributing relief materials, we have included psychosocial support as an integral part of our relief works. We train our volunteers to acknowledge the suffering of the victims of disaster and make them feel that Jhai’s effort is not charity but we are just fulfilling our obligation towards fellow human beings who are in distress and we must acknowledge and share their pain and suffering.

A team of over hundred dedicated and well trained intercommunity volunteers provided relief and psychosocial support to over 2000 victims of various man-made disaster and natural calamities. Nearly 4000 flood affected patients, mostly women, children and elderly people were provided basic medical services in the remote char villages.

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